UNC students dive into AI in English classes.


UNC students are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in their English classes to learn how to use it in research and writing. The tool offers benefits and challenges, such as avoiding plagiarism and misinformation. Teaching librarian Dayna Durbin guides students in using AI tools to find resources like news articles and social media posts. Students are encouraged to evaluate AI-generated work and not pass it off as their own. The university believes that students who become fluent in AI will be better prepared for its future evolution.

Key Elements:

  • UNC students incorporating AI into English classes for research and writing
  • Benefits and challenges of using AI in academics
  • Guidance on how to use AI tools effectively to find resources
  • Importance of evaluating AI-generated work and avoiding plagiarism
  • Acknowledgment of the evolving nature of AI and the need for students to be prepared

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly accepted at universities, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The tool offers potential benefits as well as possible pitfalls in the technology. UNC students are learning how to use AI in their research and writing while navigating issues like plagiarism and misinformation.