Tune in at 4 to catch UPS AI and Whataburger tree.

UPS is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its package sorting efficiency. The company has developed an AI system called Deep Sort that uses computer vision to identify and track packages as they move through the sorting process. Deep Sort can accurately identify and track packages at a rate of up to 2,000 per minute, significantly increasing sorting speed and accuracy.

Whataburger has unveiled a unique Christmas tree made entirely of Whataburger sauce cups. The tree, located at the company’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, stands at 40 feet tall and is decorated with over 8,000 sauce cups. The tree has become a popular attraction for visitors and has gained attention on social media.

Other news highlights from KWTX@4 include the reopening of Helberg, a local business that was damaged in a fire, a road rage incident in Temple, Texas, streaming suggestions for the holiday season, and an invitation to a Christmas Eve Pancake Breakfast.

Overall, this article highlights the use of AI in the package sorting process at UPS, as well as a unique and festive Christmas tree created by Whataburger. It also mentions other local news stories and events happening in the community.