The AI Buzz: Massive Updates in Machine Learning, Robotics, and Automation

Daily AI Roundup: Biggest Machine Learning, Robotic And Automation Updates

This article provides a roundup of the latest updates in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and fintech. It covers various advancements and their applications in different industries.

  • DOCOMO unveils groundbreaking human-augmentation platform enabling shared taste experiences worldwide
  • Datalogic invests in Oversonic Robotics, continuing its commitment to artificial intelligence
  • Deci unveils DeciLM-7B, a leap forward in language model performance and inference cost efficiency
  • Accenture acquires Customer Management IT and SirfinPA
  • Top 10 News of Google in 2023

DOCOMO, in collaboration with Miyashita Laboratory of the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences and H2L Inc., has developed a technology that allows taste information to be shared between people using a human-augmentation platform. This platform combines DOCOMO’s technology with Miyashita Laboratory and H2L’s taste reproduction technology.

Datalogic has acquired a minority stake in Oversonic Robotics, a software company focused on developing cognitive computing systems for robotics. Their flagship product, RoBee, is a humanoid robot certified for work in manufacturing facilities. This investment demonstrates Datalogic’s commitment to artificial intelligence and robotics.

Deci has unveiled DeciLM-7B, a language model with 7 billion parameters. It outperforms other open-source models in terms of accuracy and efficiency, setting new benchmarks in the large language model space. Deci is a deep learning company that uses AI to build AI.

Accenture has signed an agreement to acquire Customer Management IT and SirfinPA, two Italian technology consultancies specializing in the public sector. These companies have expertise in justice and public safety. This acquisition will strengthen Accenture’s capabilities in the public sector.

The article also highlights the top 10 news stories from Google in 2023, showcasing the company’s innovation and influence on technology. From advancements in AI to new product releases, Google continues to shape the future of technology.

Overall, this article provides a snapshot of the latest developments in AI, machine learning, robotics, and automation. It highlights the significance of these technologies in various industries and demonstrates how companies are investing in and leveraging them to drive innovation.