Sundance 2024: AI afterlife, robot romance, slow-burn slashers, the best!


  • Sundance Film Festival 2024 showcased a variety of films that explored themes such as AI, romance, horror, and personal identity.
  • Desire Lines: A hybrid documentary/narrative feature that centers around trans men and their sexualities, challenging societal norms and promoting acceptance.
  • Dìdi: A coming-of-age story set in the Bay Area in 2008, focusing on a teenage boy’s struggles with friendships, family, and romance during the rise of the internet.
  • Ibelin: A documentary about Mats Steen, who used video games as an escape before his death, using in-game dialogue and World of Warcraft animations to recreate important moments from his life.
  • In A Violent Nature: A slow-burn slasher film that offers a unique perspective by following the story from