Square Enix’s AI Game Plan: Ambitious and Unstoppable!

Square Enix has announced its plans to implement an “aggressive” artificial intelligence (AI) strategy in 2024. The company aims to apply AI and other cutting-edge technologies to both its content development and publishing functions. President Takashi Kiryu stated that the short-term goal is to enhance development productivity and sophistication in marketing efforts. Square Enix has previously made significant bets on blockchain entertainment/Web 3.0 and cloud technologies.

While no firm timeline was given, Kiryu explained that the company plans to leverage these technologies to create new forms of content for consumers as it believes technological innovation represents business opportunities.

This move by Square Enix aligns with the expected surge in AI use in the gaming industry in 2024. The recent success of The Finals, a game that used AI technology to replace paid voice actors, demonstrates the potential of AI in gaming. However, the article raises important questions about the impact of AI on creativity and job displacement. Critics argue that while AI can automate mundane tasks and assist with development, it may also potentially replace creatives and lead to unemployment.

One potential application of AI in the gaming industry is the restoration and remastering of low-resolution assets. Square Enix could use AI technology to enhance the backgrounds of its pre-rendered games and FMV cutscenes, improving the visual quality of its remastered versions. However, careful restoration and rendering would be required to ensure a high-quality result.

Overall, Square Enix’s decision to pursue an aggressive AI strategy in 2024 reflects the company’s desire to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. While AI has the potential to enhance productivity and marketing efforts, its long-term impact on creativity and employment remains a topic of debate.