Square Enix: Unleashing AI with Aggression

Square Enix plans to embrace AI in the development and marketing of future games

President Takashi Kiryu hopes that AI will greatly enhance development productivity and create new forms of content

Square Enix President, Takashi Kiryu, has announced that the company plans to be “aggressive” in its use of artificial intelligence (AI) for developing and marketing future games. In his annual “New Year’s Letter,” Kiryu outlined the company’s plans and emphasized the potential for AI to fundamentally change the way games are created and enjoyed.

Kiryu expressed his hope that AI will greatly enhance development productivity and lead to the creation of entirely new forms of content that fans can enjoy. While he did not go into specifics about how AI would be implemented, it’s clear that Square Enix intends to use the technology on a significant scale.

In addition to AI, Kiryu also highlighted the importance of improved collaboration between Square Enix’s global offices. He believes that these efforts will improve the sales of new titles and expand the reach of the company’s back-catalog of games.

Furthermore, Square Enix plans to implement other new technologies, such as Blockchain, Web 3.0, and the Cloud, in its production efforts. These technologies have the potential to further enhance game development and delivery.

While the specifics of Square Enix’s AI implementation remain unclear, fans can also look forward to upcoming projects. Final Fantasy 16 is expected to receive more DLC in Spring 2024, and Octopath Traveler 2 will be releasing on Xbox in early 2024. These announcements demonstrate Square Enix’s commitment to delivering new and exciting experiences to its fans.

In conclusion, Square Enix’s embrace of AI and other new technologies highlights its dedication to innovation and improving the development and marketing of its games. With the potential to fundamentally change the industry, AI will play a significant role in shaping the future of game creation and enjoyment.