Samsung’s AI-powered phones to be unveiled January 17th.


  • Samsung will unveil its new AI-powered phones at its Unpacked event on January 17.
  • Possible phone models include the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • New features powered by AI could help Samsung attract more customers and compete with Apple.
  • The use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 chips may provide some insights into what to expect from Samsung’s latest phones.

Samsung will be hosting its Unpacked event on January 17 to showcase its new AI-powered phones. It is likely that the company will introduce the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra models. Samsung, which is Apple’s biggest smartphone competitor, is aiming to attract more customers with the introduction of new features powered by AI. The details of these features are unclear at the moment, but recent announcements from chipmaker Qualcomm and Google might provide some context.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 chips are expected to be used in Samsung’s new devices. The latest Snapdragon chips allow phones to run generative artificial intelligence applications directly on the device, without needing an internet connection. This means that AI chatbots, for example, can keep conversations private by not sending queries to the cloud. Qualcomm also demonstrated the ability of its chips to generate images based on a written description, similar to Google’s Tensor G3 chip. The Pixel 8 Pro, which uses the Tensor G3 chip, can create custom phone wallpapers based on user-selected words and supports Google’s Gemini Nano AI model for various tasks.

AI is also beneficial for enhancing videos and photos, which might be another area of focus for Samsung’s new devices. With its strong presence in the smartphone market, Samsung’s embrace of AI technology can help solidify its position and attract more users looking for advanced features.