Samsung: Unveiling a 2024 vision, excelling in performance, quality, and generative AI.

Samsung has announced its strategic priorities for 2024, which include focusing on performance, quality, and generative AI. The company aims to maintain its competitive edge by pursuing “super-gap technologies” and technological supremacy. The executives emphasize a “customer-first” strategy for Samsung’s mobile, home appliances, and software divisions, with a strong emphasis on performance and quality. Samsung’s chip-making business is urged to improve and widen the technological gap with competitors. Additionally, the company plans to address future changes in the technological landscape by incorporating AI, eco-friendly practices, and “lifestyle innovation”. Samsung also plans to apply generative AI to work processes, revolutionizing the way they work and enhance device experiences. The launch of the Galaxy S24 family is expected to showcase the company’s AI capabilities. Throughout 2024, Samsung aims to innovate in various divisions and introduce new products and technologies.