Report commissioned by US State Department warns AI may cause extinction.


  • The US State Department commissioned a report on AI that suggests it could lead to human extinction.
  • The risks identified in the report include bioweapons, cyber-attacks, and autonomous robots.

AI may take your job in the somewhat near future — and it may eventually take human life, according to a new report commissioned by the US Department of State. The State Department commissioned AI startup Gladstone to conduct an AI risk assessment in October 2022, about a month before ChatGPT came out. The report identifies potential risks associated with the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and calls for regulatory measures to ensure safety and security.

The report concluded that AI posed a high risk of weaponization, which could manifest in various forms including biowarfare, cyber-attacks, and autonomous robots. Experts in the field shared mixed opinions on the severity of the risks, with some believing that regulation is necessary to prevent catastrophic events while others feel innovation should not be stifled.

Despite differing views, there is consensus that proactive measures need to be taken to address the potential dangers of advanced AI. The report recommended creating regulations to slow down the AI race and establishing an AI safety task force to enhance safety protocols. However, some experts argue that international cooperation is necessary to effectively manage the risks associated with AI development.