Rep. Brown cautious of AI’s election manipulation on minority voters.

Key Elements of U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown’s Concerns about AI Election Targeting of Black and Brown Voters


– U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are concerned about the potential misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) in elections.

– They have sent a letter to the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Election Assistance Commission (EAC) asking for information on AI’s role in intimidating, threatening, and misinforming voters.

U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown has raised alarm about the use of fake political audio recordings, photographs, and videos created using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, she has sent a letter to federal government branches requesting an investigation into the potential misuse of AI in elections, especially as a tool for adversaries of the United States. The letter cites instances where AI-generated content, such as a deepfake audio robocall of President Biden and a fake audio ad of ex-President Donald Trump, has been used to spread disinformation and sway voters.

The lawmakers in their letter express particular concern about the targeted deception aimed at Black, brown, and other minority communities. They point to the Russian government’s creation of disinformation content during the 2016 and 2020 presidential election cycles, specifically targeting the Black community to cause political instability in the United States. The letter seeks information on how federal agencies plan to prevent AI from intimidating, dissuading, or misleading voters in the upcoming 2024 presidential election cycle, as well as the Election Assistance Commission’s plans to update its AI toolkit to address AI-generated disinformation and voter suppression.

Statements in support of the letter emphasize the need to protect Black and brown Americans from mass disinformation campaigns and attacks on their voting rights. They underscore the urgency of addressing the threat posed by generative AI technology to democracy and call for government action to mitigate these dangers. Overall, the concerns raised by U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown and her colleagues highlight the need for vigilance and regulation in the use of AI in electoral processes to safeguard the integrity of elections and protect vulnerable voter groups.