PostcardMania skyrockets with 75% increase in revenue and exciting new features.

Key Points:

  • PostcardMania’s PCM Integrations division is projected to achieve a 75% increase in quarterly gross revenue compared to the same quarter in 2022.
  • PCM Integrations offers automated direct mail services that provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to traditional mailings.
  • The division has recently added new features, such as a customizable design editor, to enhance its offerings.

PostcardMania, a marketing technology firm, is anticipating a significant increase in revenue for its PCM Integrations division. The division, which offers automated direct mail services, is projected to achieve a 75% increase in quarterly gross revenue compared to the same quarter in 2022. This follows a 70% revenue gain in the third quarter of 2022. PostcardMania launched PCM Integrations in mid-2021, and the division quickly achieved multi-million-dollar revenues. The automated direct mail service offered by PCM Integrations provides businesses with a lower cost of entry compared to traditional mailings. It also offers direct API integration, programmatic targeting options, responsive lead nurturing, zero upfront cost or tech fees, and the ability to scale.

One of the key features of PCM Integrations is its customizable design editor, which allows users to create mailers from scratch with drag-and-drop ease. The design editor is accessible in-app on large CRMs like Salesforce and includes built-in guidelines to ensure compliance with United States Postal Service mailing procedures. Users have access to various design tools, including an image uploader, color finder, fonts, pen tool, shapes, and layering. They can also incorporate dynamic images and text to further personalize each mailer. For example, users can use the tag <> to print the recipient’s first name on each individual postcard. Dynamic images offer another level of personalization by allowing users to upload different product images based on the recipient’s preferences. PCM Integrations plans to launch snap apart mailers in the near future, which are mail pieces perforated for opening rather than using an envelope-style delivery. Snap apart mailers often have a higher open rate and can provide users with additional options for effective marketing strategies.

The success of PCM Integrations can be attributed to PostcardMania’s 25-year history of high-quality print experience, results-based design templates, and commitment to zero tech fees. These factors have differentiated PCM Integrations from other direct mail automation providers and contributed to its continued growth.