Outrider reveals smart AI tech, transforming yard automation with precision.

Outrider, a leader in autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs, has announced the latest release of its AI-driven perception technology, setting a new standard for autonomous yard performance and safety. Trained on millions of data points from Fortune 500 customer distribution yards, Outrider’s yard automation solution demonstrates an understanding of, anticipation of, and interaction with the diverse array of fixed and moving elements within a yard. The updated perception system aims to achieve critical safety and performance milestones for commercial driverless operations in 2024.

Outrider’s advanced perception technology identifies specific characteristics of yard actors, such as orientation, position, and velocity, anticipates their trajectories, and responds using predictable, human-like behaviors. Deep-learning models, based on a vast dataset collected from diverse distribution yards, enable the autonomous system to continuously improve its intelligence and precision in automating yard tasks.

To facilitate the latest perception capabilities, Outrider upgraded its multi-modal sensor platform on each autonomous yard truck, increasing range and sensor data tenfold. This enhancement supports critical safety and performance objectives for scaled driverless operations.