OpenAI’s new AI model – Reality or just a mirage?

  • OpenAI users reported that the platform’s chatbot, ChatGPT, was operating on a new AI model named “gpt-4.5-turbo.”
  • OpenAI staff and CEO Sam Altman denied the claims, suggesting that the chatbot may have “hallucinated” the existence of the new model.

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research lab, is a subject of speculative chat by its users. Some believe that the chatbot, ChatGPT, was silently powered up by a new AI model referred to as “gpt-4.5-turbo.” This speculation arose after multiple users received ChatGPT responses indicating it was operating under this new model.

The current model, GPT-4, is a large language model released by OpenAI back in March. It plays a significant role in crafting ChatGPT’s responses to user queries, thus making it a focus for any potential updates or enhancements. OpenAI celebrated the introduction of GPT-4 as a significant step forward in the field of deep learning.

However, contrary to user speculations, OpenAI’s staff, and even CEO Sam Altman, have dismissed the idea of a silent launch of a new model. They have suggested that the chatbot might have “hallucinated” the existence of this new AI model. Notable reactions include ones from Will DePue, a technical staff member at OpenAI, who stated that the claims about “gpt-4.5-turbo” were a consistent hallucination.

Despite these dismissals, some users support the possibility that OpenAI is quietly testing a new model. This theory arises from the improved performance reported by several users after weeks of complaints about ChatGPT’s declining efficiency. Ethan Mollick, a Wharton professor, noted that ChatGPT had suddenly improved, completing tasks effectively after weeks of underperformance.

Regardless of the truth behind these claims, OpenAI has reassured users that any significant updates would not be released without an announcement. Therefore, users should remain skeptical of any rumors of improvements or upgrades unless officially verified by OpenAI.