OpenAI’s ChatGPT store opening soon with custom conversational superpowers!


– OpenAI will launch its custom ChatGPT store next week, allowing users to sell and share customized AI agents.
– The store was initially set to launch in November but was delayed multiple times.

OpenAI is set to open its custom ChatGPT store next week after multiple delays. The store will allow users to sell and share customized AI agents based on OpenAI’s large language models. OpenAI first announced the store at its November developers conference, where it revealed plans to let others build AI agents using its GPT-4 model. However, the launch was delayed due to internal changes at OpenAI. The store will only be accessible to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers. While OpenAI has not provided many details about its compensation plan for GPT creators, it has stated that it intends to pay creators based on the usage of their AI agents on the store. The upcoming launch of the store offers an opportunity for AI enthusiasts to monetize their creations and share them with others.