On the Pulse: AI Firms in a Hiring Blitz Weekly.

  • Artificial intelligence technology companies have witnessed an unprecedented hiring boom in 2023 due to an increase in funds raised and growth in AI technology.
  • Anthropic, an AI-focused company and a major rival of OpenAI, increased its headcount from 85 to 300 employees within a year, showing a phenomenal three times growth rate.
  • OpenAI, which has raised $11 billion in funds, saw an increase from 375 to 770 employees in less than a year.
  • Other AI companies like Cohere and Synthesia have also significantly increased their employee count in 2023.

The year 2023 has seen a significant surge in hiring among AI companies. Notable among them is the AI powerhouse, Anthropic, rivals to OpenAI, which has tripled its workforce rising from 85 staff at the beginning of the year to 300. This exponential growth comes in the wake of massive fundraising amounts accumulated by AI companies.

OpenAI, another prominent player in the AI scene, has also more than doubled its workforce within this year, jumping from 375 employees in February to a significant 770. This personnel growth directly correlates with the substantial amount of funds raised by the firm, which amounts to nearly $11 billion.

The trend continues with large language model developer, Cohere, which increased its headcount from 150 in January to 275. Cohere’s growth coincides with its successful fundraising ventures that have culminated in $435 million in capital.

Similarly, video creation platform, Synthesia, has grown its workforce, expanding from 139 to 300 employees in the year. Their hiring surge corresponds with a successful fundraising campaign that garnered them a total of $156 million.

These numbers highlight the substantial growth and industry interest in AI, making AI companies some of the fastest-growing startups. This boom is closely linked with the success of their fundraising efforts and reflects the increasing importance and demand for AI technology in today’s world.