New leader for combined Windows and Surface Team at Microsoft.


Microsoft’s Newly-Unified Windows and Surface Team Gets a New Head


  • Pavan Davuluri is the new Windows and Surface team lead after the unification of the teams
  • This restructuring includes a focus on AI and the development of Microsoft’s own networking gear for AI datacenters

Microsoft announced that Pavan Davuluri will lead the newly-unified Windows and Surface team following the merger of the two teams under the new “Windows + (Surface) Devices” umbrella. Davuluri, who has been with Microsoft since 2001, has been managing the Surface team since 2015 and is seen as a natural fit for this position. His previous work with AMD and Qualcomm for custom Surface CPUs has made him a key player in the Surface team.

Part of this restructuring at Microsoft is the hiring of Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind, to lead the new Microsoft AI team. This move aligns with Microsoft’s focus on developing its own networking gear for AI datacenters. A memo from Rajesh Jha, Executive VP at Microsoft, highlights the holistic approach the company is taking to build silicon, systems, experiences, and devices for the AI era under Davaluri’s leadership.

Other major tech companies like Nvidia and Intel are also heavily investing in AI, with Nvidia’s latest GPUs and Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Programs. The unification of the Windows and (Surface) Devices teams at Microsoft is seen as a step towards reshaping the company for the AI era, with a focus on delivering new PC experiences powered by a combination of CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs. Only time will tell how successful Microsoft’s reorganization will be in this new AI-driven landscape.