NCB sparks weekend banking revolution with automation.

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) of Jamaica has started offering a new automated banking service during weekends at two of its locations in the Corporate Area and Portmore, St Catherine. The key details of this development include:

  • The remote banking service is being tested with the possibility of expanding it to additional parishes in the new year.
  • The service was launched through “remote service centres” at Portmore and Waterloo MegaMart locations.
  • The initiative offers cashless services like RSA token support, online and mobile banking, and loan assistance.
  • So far, the outlets have served over 400 customers, assisting them in opening new accounts and offering online banking and card-related services.
  • The bank plans to extend these services to two more locations in Mandeville and Montego Bay, starting from early January.

The NCB has taken up this initiative to increase the convenience and accessibility of banking services for its customers, especially during the busy holiday period. By opening up services during the weekends, the bank aims to “meet customers where they are”, which is often the grocery store, according to Sheree Martin, the Executive Vice-President of NCB’s Retail Banking Division.

While the cost of this investment was not revealed, the bank has experienced significant usage already with over 400 customers using the outlets to access new accounts and fulfill service requests related to online banking and cards. This initiative indicates that NCB is actively exploring ways to expand its offerings and adapting to the changing banking habits of its customers.

The commencement of such remote servicing during weekends at popular local shopping locations, might set a trend for other banks to follow. Automated banking services are becoming increasingly essential in today’s digital age, and providing easily accessible remote services signifies a progressive step in serving the modern banking customer.