Navigating Ethical AI: Your Go-To Responsibly Tech Guide

TechCrunch has announced its affiliation and alignment with the Yahoo family of brands, which includes a wide range of websites and apps such as Yahoo and AOL, alongside its digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising.

  • The apps and sites owned and operated by TechCrunch make use of Cookies and similar technologies. These are aimed at storing and reading information from users’ devices.
  • This data is used to provide the site and app services, authenticate users, implement security measures, prevent spam and abuse, and measure the usage of apps and websites.
  • Upon acceptance of these conditions, TechCrunch and its partners will employ cookies and personal data, including IP address, location, and browsing and search data, to display personalised content and ads and measure their effectiveness, as well as to develop and improve their products and services.

The users also have the option to reject the use of cookies and personal data for these additional purposes. Instead, they can customise their choices through the ‘Manage privacy settings’ option. Furthermore, there are options to change these choices at any given time by clicking on the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links present across the sites and apps owned by the brand.

For further information regarding how TechCrunch and Yahoo use your personal data, comprehensive details have been provided in their privacy policy and cookie policy.