Nanotech Energy unveils powerful alliance alongside Rockwell Automation.

In a recent announcement, Nanotech Energy revealed its partnership with Rockwell Automation to enhance efficiency and productivity at Nanotech’s new manufacturing plant in Chico, CA. The deal will see Nanotech Energy incorporate Rockwell Automation’s technology into its battery production process, making the Chico 2 facility one of the most advanced battery production sites in the world. The partnership will also enable Nanotech Energy to leverage automation in its planned gigafactory and improve its overall manufacturing process.

Nanotech Energy is a battery cell manufacturer that specializes in graphene-based lithium-ion batteries. The company’s high surface area, single-layer graphene material is used in various applications, including energy storage and automotive.

This partnership highlights the increasing role of automation in the manufacturing industry, particularly in battery production. By implementing Rockwell Automation’s quality management system and manufacturing execution system, Nanotech Energy aims to enhance the performance, efficiency, and quality of its battery products.