Microsoft’s AI-focused keyboard revamps decades of typing tradition.


– Microsoft is adding an AI key to PC keyboards, called the Copilot key, as part of its “year of the AI PC” initiative.
– The Copilot key allows users to summon Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant with the push of a button.

Microsoft has announced that it will be adding an AI key, called the Copilot key, to PC keyboards starting this month. This is the first major keyboard change from Microsoft since the addition of the Start menu key in 1994. The Copilot key will replace the menu button and will be located next to the alt key on the left and the left arrow button on the right on most keyboards.

The addition of the Copilot key is part of Microsoft’s “year of the AI PC” initiative, which aims to promote the adoption of its AI chatbots in the day-to-day lives of users. When the Copilot key is pressed, it activates a desktop Copilot that allows users to type or speak commands to adjust their PC settings or perform actions such as creating illustrations or retrieving information from the web faster.

By adding an AI key to the keyboard, Microsoft hopes to attract more users to its AI chatbot and stay ahead of the competition. The key’s placement is a more noticeable way to encourage users to use Microsoft’s Copilot. Microsoft has already announced a number of AI-related products, including an AI-powered Bing Search engine and AI chatbots across Office apps like Word and Outlook. The company currently has over 1 million paid Copilot users.

Overall, the addition of the AI key to PC keyboards is part of Microsoft’s strategy to integrate AI technology more seamlessly into users’ daily lives. This move demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the AI industry and competing with other tech companies in the AI space.