Microsoft, OpenAI teaming up for $100 billion AI supercomputer.

Microsoft and OpenAI Plan $100 Billion Supercomputer: Report Summary


Key Points:

  • Microsoft and OpenAI are working on a $100 billion supercomputer project named “Stargate.”
  • The supercomputer could launch as soon as 2028 and would far exceed current computing power.

Microsoft and OpenAI are collaborating on a groundbreaking project to build a $100 billion supercomputer named “Stargate,” which is part of a five-phase plan. The supercomputer, set to launch in 2028, aims to enhance OpenAI’s artificial intelligence capabilities. Microsoft has already committed over $13 billion to OpenAI and is likely to provide funding for the project. Stargate would use millions of specialized server chips and require several gigawatts of power. The project faces challenges in obtaining AI chips, energy sources, and optimizing chip performance. Despite these hurdles, the supercomputer could revolutionize the AI industry and signal a significant investment in AI technology in the coming years.