Lewis Black bashes Google AI’s diverse photo generator on ‘Daily Show’.


  • Lewis Black of the “Daily Show” questions the usability of Google AI’s diverse photo generator.
  • He highlights the absurdity of AI overcorrection, showcasing examples of BIPOC individuals placed in inappropriate historical scenarios.

Article Summary:

Lewis Black from the “Daily Show” critiques the Google AI image generator for producing images that don’t align with historical accuracy or societal norms. He jokes about the tool’s tendency to portray BIPOC individuals in inappropriate roles, such as a Black man depicted as a German World War II soldier. Black humorously suggests the idea of a Black George Washington, emphasizing the need for AI to be “de-woked.” He raises concerns about the tool’s inherent biases, as shown in examples of racial and gender stereotypes present in the generated images.

Black also mocks Tesla founder Elon Musk for his “anti-woke” chatbot, questioning Musk’s ability to rein in AI overcorrection. The segment highlights the problematic nature of AI when it comes to perpetuating racial and gender stereotypes, as seen in the tool’s outputs. Black humorously compares AI to a “horny teenager” based on its generation of suggestive images of Latina individuals.