Iran uses AI for cost-effective military solutions amid Western sanctions.


Iran is investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to boost its military capabilities and economy. By leveraging AI, Iran could continue to support terrorists and engage in foreign wars at a lower cost.

Key Elements:

  • Iran plans to invest in AI to improve military capabilities and boost the economy
  • AI advancements could allow Iran to support terrorists and engage in foreign wars affordably
  • Experts are concerned about the security implications of Iran’s AI investments
  • Iran’s use of AI could have geopolitical consequences and expand its threat to Western countries
  • Iran may use AI for military purposes, hacking campaigns, and misinformation spread


Iran has made it clear that it plans to heavily invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its military capabilities. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi recently announced plans to collaborate with private sector companies to invest in digital businesses, aiming to develop Iran’s AI capabilities and grow the economy by 8%. However, experts are concerned about the potential security threats posed by Iran’s AI advancements.

Iran’s ability to leverage AI technologies, such as drones, missiles, and hacking campaigns, could enable the country to support terrorists and engage in foreign wars “on the cheap.” By investing in AI, Iran aims to bypass sanctions and strengthen its ties with other countries like China and Russia. This poses a significant security concern to the U.S. and its Western allies.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, warned about Iran’s intent to use AI for military purposes and digital repression. He emphasized the need for the international community to take Iranian statements about AI seriously, given the potential military ramifications. Similarly, Seth Frantzman highlighted the geopolitical consequences of Iran’s AI investments and its implications for Western security.