IPO and PITB unite, revolutionizing automation and digitalization in IPO-Pakistan.

The Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) have signed an agreement for the digitalization and automation of IPO Pakistan. The aim of this agreement is to make IPO more accessible to the public and business classes by improving visibility on different platforms and increasing public awareness. By partnering with PITB, IPO plans to modernize its processes and provide facilities to the public and business sectors.

IPO Chairman Ambassador Farukh Amil highlighted the importance of reaching out to the youth, who are heavily connected to IT and social media. The digitalization of IPO will allow the youth to make online complaints and access other services. Automation will bring transparency and simplify processes within the institution.

Director General of IPO, Shazia Adnan, stated that the agreement with PITB will make online payments and documentation processes easier in the next two months. This will promote the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) in IPO and allow people to use 27 different channels, including online banking, for transactions and documentation.

PITB Director General Saima R. Sheikh emphasized that digitization will improve the ease of doing business in IPO and make the organization more efficient. Online systems such as banking apps will provide convenient facilities to the public. PITB will provide a web-based software solution called PayZen to digitize payments and collections of IPO.

The project scope includes the automation and digitization of payments collection of IPO-Pakistan through all Alternative Delivery Channels (ADC). The implementation of digital challans by IPO-Pakistan will enable integration with all banking channels to monitor financial transactions related to multiple modes of collections. This will increase government revenue and streamline financial operations.