Investors loving AI-blockchain solutions in VC Roundup.


  • Improved sentiment in the cryptocurrency market is driving increased venture capital investment.
  • Combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies is attracting investors to crypto startups.

The first quarter of 2024 is showing signs of improved sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, with venture capital investments on the rise following the launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds. The trend is expected to boost investment in the industry after a period of decline. Venture capital firms in the crypto and blockchain space raised $5.75 billion in 2023, down from the record-breaking year of 2022. However, there are signs of recovery, with venture funding reaching $1.9 billion in the last quarter of 2023.

One key trend attracting investors is the development of solutions that combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Startups like Utila, Synnax, Sahara, TON Foundation, UXLINK, and TEN have secured funding in the first half of March. Utila, for example, raised $11.5 million in seed funding for its self-custody wallet platform for institutional investors. Synnax raised $1 million for a credit intelligence platform focused on the digital asset industry, while Sahara secured $6 million for its decentralized AI network.

Similarly, the TON Foundation received $8 million in funding, UXLINK closed a $10 million funding round for its Web3 social platform, and TEN raised $9 million from a banking consortium. These investments indicate a growing interest in AI-blockchain solutions among investors in the cryptocurrency space.

Overall, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, along with products targeting institutional investors, is proving to be a winning formula for crypto startups looking to attract venture capital funding in the current market environment.