Introducing Rufus: Amazon’s AI Shopping Assistant Takes Shopping to New Heights

– Amazon has beta launched a generative AI-powered shopping assistant called Rufus.
– Rufus is trained on Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews, and information from across the web to provide personalized recommendations and answer questions.

Amazon has introduced a new generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered shopping assistant called Rufus. Currently in beta, Rufus is available to a small group of customers using the Amazon mobile app and will be rolled out to more customers in the U.S. in the coming weeks. Rufus is trained on Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and information from across the web. It provides personalized recommendations, answers questions, and helps users with product discovery. Customers can ask Rufus questions to conduct product research, search for products based on specific occasions or purposes, compare product categories, and receive tailored recommendations. Rufus is seamlessly integrated into the Amazon shopping experience, allowing customers to ask specific questions about individual products while viewing the product detail page. Amazon’s introduction of Rufus highlights the growing trend of using generative AI to enhance customer engagement in retail.