Intel’s new data center chief gears up for FPGA unit spin-off.


  • Intel has appointed Justin Hotard as the new head of its Data Center and AI Group.
  • Hotard’s main task will be to improve Intel’s positions in the AI hardware market.

Intel has announced that Justin Hotard will be taking over as the new executive vice president and general manager of its Data Center and AI Group. Hotard, who previously worked at HPE specializing in AI and HPC, will be responsible for improving Intel’s positions in the market for AI hardware. He replaces Sandra Rivera, who recently became the CEO of Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group. With the rise of AI and increased competition from rivals like AMD and Nvidia, Intel is facing significant challenges in the data center market. Hotard’s appointment signifies Intel’s commitment to creating world-changing technologies and solidifying its position in the AI market.

Intel’s data center business is facing intense competition from a range of companies that offer alternative solutions for cloud computing and AI. AMD’s EPYC processors have proven to be strong competitors to Intel’s offerings, and the emergence of Arm-based server-grade offerings has added even more competition to the mix. Nvidia has also become a major player in the data center market thanks to the demand for AI processing power. Additionally, many traditional Intel customers are now developing their own CPUs for data centers, further challenging Intel’s dominance in the industry.

Hotard’s main focus will be on pushing Intel’s products into the AI market. AI is a rapidly growing market that is expected to continue expanding in the coming years. Intel’s diverse product lineup, which includes Xeon CPUs for different workloads, data center GPUs for AI and HPC applications, and Gaudi accelerators for AI, puts the company in a strong position to capitalize on this growth. With Hotard’s expertise in AI and HPC, Intel is hoping to strengthen its presence in the AI hardware market and maintain its position as a key player in the industry.

“Justin is a proven leader with a customer-first mindset and has an impressive track record in driving growth and innovation in the data center and AI. Justin is committed to our vision to create world-changing technologies and passionate about the critical role Intel will play in empowering our customers for decades to come,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel.