IMF warns: AI may swipe 40% of jobs, deepen inequality.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a new analysis stating that artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to affect almost 40% of all jobs, and will likely worsen overall inequality. The IMF states that policymakers must address this issue to prevent AI from further stoking social tensions. The report states that in advanced economies, AI is likely to affect around 60% of jobs, with workers benefiting from increased productivity in some cases, but also facing job displacement in others. Low-income countries are projected to see AI impact just 26% of jobs, but the IMF warns that these countries may lack the infrastructure and skilled workforce to fully harness the benefits of AI, thus exacerbating inequality among nations. The IMF suggests that comprehensive social safety nets and retraining programs are needed to make the transition to AI more inclusive. The analysis comes as global leaders gather at the World Economic Forum to discuss AI and its implications. The EU has reached a provisional deal on comprehensive laws to regulate AI, while the US, UK, and China have yet to publish their own AI guidelines.