High-tech Scottish distillery crafts rare whisky with artificial intelligence.


  • Diageo used AI and algorithms to analyze the aging process of whiskies at the Port Ellen distillery in Scotland.
  • The company created two rare bottles of whisky, each priced at $50,000, using SmokeDNAi technology to explore the flavor profiles and mouthfeel of whisky in casks.

The Port Ellen distillery in Scotland utilized SmokeDNAi technology to analyze the aging process of whiskies in casks. Diageo, an alcohol beverage company, invested $230 million into whisky tourism projects, with over $44 million dedicated to using SmokeDNAi technology to study flavor profiles and mouthfeel of non-identical twin whiskies distilled in different casks. The rare whiskies, named Port Ellen Gemini, were each priced at $50,000. The analysis aimed to enhance understanding of whisky aging in barrels and improve production and flavor for future blends.

Ewan Morgan, National Luxury Ambassador and Head of Whisky Outreach at Diageo North America, stated that the technology provides a better understanding of the taste, smell, and mouthfeel of whiskies by analyzing the distinct components of the liquid. The use of algorithms and chromatography processes helps break down data sets to maximize production and sales of whiskies.

Additionally, Diageo collaborated with design experts to create visual representations of flavor profiles using Out of the Ether technology, making it easier for consumers to understand the complex data. The visual profiles showcase combinations of flavors like coconut, smoky, earthy, medicinal, floral, and sweet, offering a unique insight into the whisky aging process.