General Assembly adopts groundbreaking resolution on artificial intelligence.

General Assembly adopts landmark resolution on artificial intelligence


  • The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on promoting safe, secure, and trustworthy AI systems for sustainable development.
  • The resolution emphasizes the respect, protection, and promotion of human rights in the development and use of AI.

Key Elements:

The UN General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution on the promotion of “safe, secure and trustworthy” artificial intelligence (AI) systems that will benefit sustainable development for all. The resolution, led by the United States and backed by over 120 Member States, highlights the importance of upholding human rights in the design, development, deployment, and use of AI. It also recognizes AI’s potential to advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Assembly called on Member States and stakeholders to refrain from using AI systems that violate international human rights law and to develop regulatory frameworks for safe and secure AI usage. It also addressed the digital divide, urging cooperation and support for developing countries to access and benefit from AI technologies.

US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, highlighted the need for global governance of AI to ensure that it serves humanity’s interests and values. The resolution is seen as a historic step towards regulating the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.