GeekWire Podcast: Battling NY Times; AI’s Future with Oren Etzioni.

The New York Times (NYT) has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI, claiming that the companies used NYT articles in their AI models without permission. The lawsuit focuses on the use of NYT articles in GPT-4, one of OpenAI’s language models. The lawsuit highlights the ongoing debate over copyright and the use of AI in creating new content.

Oren Etzioni, a prominent AI researcher and entrepreneur, discusses the evolution of AI in the past year and its impact on society. He notes that AI has become more powerful and is changing every aspect of society. Etzioni also discusses the potential of AI to assist humans in their work and daily lives, using the example of an AI assistant that can help with tasks.

Etzioni emphasizes the need for open-source models in AI to prevent the consolidation of power among a few companies. He compares this to the open-source movement in operating systems, which provided an alternative to the dominance of Windows. Etzioni also raises concerns about the risks of AI-fueled misinformation, particularly in elections, and calls for strong regulations and education to combat this issue.

Etzioni concludes by discussing the prospects for AI startups, arguing that disruption in the field creates opportunities for new companies. He advises aspiring computer scientists to study the fundamentals and follow their passion, rather than trying to predict the future.