FTC warns of sneaky AI changes. Is it really enough?

FTC Warning on TOS Changes for AI Training

FTC warned about ‘quiet’ TOS changes for AI training. Here’s why it might not be enough.


• The FTC warned about ‘quiet’ changes to Terms of Service for AI training, which may be unfair and deceptive.
• Companies are updating their TOS to allow AI training on user data without proper notification to users.

Key Elements:

This week, the FTC warned companies about making ‘quiet’ changes to their Terms of Service, specifically in relation to using user data for AI training. The warning comes after several instances of companies making changes to their privacy policies without notifying users, which could be seen as deceptive and unfair. While the FTC has issued this warning, it may be too little too late, as many companies have already made such changes.

Most users do not read or understand the Terms of Service they agree to, which can lead to unintended consequences. Companies often make updates to their TOS to explicitly state what was already in place, but without proper notification, users may not be aware of the changes being made.

There could be more surprises in store as companies continue to update their Terms of Service. Recent updates by Findaway Voices by Spotify have caused concern about the use of audio narration for AI training. Companies are facing enhanced regulatory review on how they collect consent for using user data for training purposes, which could lead to more transparency in the future.

Overall, the FTC warning highlights the need for greater transparency and notification when companies make changes to their Terms of Service, especially when it comes to using user data for AI training.