Ferris State enrolls 2 virtual students for AI experiment extravaganza!

Ferris State University is planning to conduct an AI experiment in which two virtual students will enroll in the school and participate in lessons and activities. The virtual students, named Ann and Fry, will join hybrid classes in the Spring 2024 semester and interact with classmates and complete assignments. They will be given backstories based on real student experiences, which will inform how they approach tasks like selecting a major. The experiment is being conducted by the Information Security and Intelligence Department and involves various academic departments at Ferris State. Faculty and staff will monitor the interaction between the virtual students and their peers, and use the insights gained to explore potential applications in education and other areas.

This AI experiment is part of Ferris State’s Artificial Intelligence program, which is one of three undergraduate programs of its kind in the country. The program has strong connections with industry and government partners, including the Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Amazon Web Services, and numerous Michigan companies.

Overall, Ferris State University is venturing into the realm of AI to explore its potential applications in education. By enrolling virtual students in hybrid classes, the university aims to understand how AI can enhance learning experiences and improve the educational system. With the insights gained from this experiment, Ferris State hopes to further develop their AI program and contribute to advancements in the field.