Dutch tech giant dominates Europe, hits record high as AI champion.


  • Dutch semiconductor giant ASML has hit a record high, cementing its place as Europe’s AI champion.
  • ASML’s cutting-edge machines are seen as a bellwether for the semiconductor industry and are in high demand.
  • The resurgence in spending commitments from memory chipmakers and the demand for high-performance memory chips are driving ASML’s success.
  • ASML’s machines are required for the production of 2-nanometer chips, the next-generation technology that will enhance AI algorithms.
  • While ASML’s shares appear expensive, the company is expected to see “very significant” growth in 2025.

Dutch semiconductor giant ASML has soared to a record high, establishing itself as Europe’s leader in artificial intelligence (AI). The company, which is Europe’s most valuable technology firm, is on track for its best week in over a year, with a projected 16% gain following strong earnings that demonstrated the high demand for its cutting-edge machines. ASML’s machines are regarded as a key indicator for the semiconductor industry.

The resurgence in spending commitments from memory chipmakers has been a major factor behind ASML’s success. Demand for AI infrastructure is driving this spending increase as specialized chips capable of processing vast amounts of data are needed for AI systems. ASML’s machines, used to manufacture Nvidia Corp.’s technology, have helped the California-based company’s stock triple in value last year.

ASML’s success also comes at a time when major chipmakers are racing to produce 2-nanometer chips, a next-generation technology that will enable AI algorithms to compute even faster. ASML’s machines are required in numerous chipmaking facilities set to open soon, including those of TSMC, Intel, and Samsung.

ASML’s shares might currently seem expensive, trading at 40 times next year’s earnings, but this ratio is expected to decrease to historical levels when considering 2025 earnings. ASML’s CEO has previously stated that 2025 will bring “very significant” growth. Despite this optimistic outlook, concerns about Chinese chipmakers could potentially impact ASML’s performance, as these manufacturers rushed to import lithography tools last year ahead of export restrictions.

While ASML’s shares slipped slightly on Friday, the overall positive trend indicates growing confidence in the chip industry’s recovery. Despite uncertainties surrounding the pace of this recovery, ASML remains optimistic about its future growth prospects.