Dutch firm ascends automation ranks with new Sepia Casepacker.

Key points:

  • The latest version of the Sepia Casepacker has been installed at VGK Cool Logistics, a member of the Kivits Logistics Group, by Het Packhuys.
  • The fully automatic Sepia Casepacker was developed in-house by Het Packhuys in conjunction with JT-S. It can process up to 110 trays per minute, placing minimal stress on the topseal film.

The Dutch logistics company, VGK Cool Logistics, has taken its next step in automation with the installation of the new Sepia Casepacker from Het Packhuys. The collaboration between the two companies started when Het Packhuys reached out to VGK in late 2022 and offered them the opportunity to test run the Sepia Casepacker. “We quickly decided to get on board,” says Marvin van Nieuwkerk of VGK.

The Sepia Casepacker was developed in-house by Het Packhuys, in collaboration with JT-S. It has been recently presented to the public at its Open House Days. “We wanted to test the Sepia Casepacker operationally, which is why we reached out to VGK. They proved to be the ideal partner for such a collaboration,” says Jan Molenaar from Het Packhuys.

The Sepia Casepacker uses a gripper with suction cups to automatically place topseal trays into the designated boxes or folding crates. The same gripper can process display boxes. This matches closely with the previously installed top seal machines, allowing for a streamlined production process. The Sepia Casepacker can process up to 110 trays per minute and places minimal stress on the topseal film.

The successful operation of the Sepia Casepacker at VGK Cool Logistics has led to plans for future collaborations. “Partly thanks to VGK’s feedback, we can consider rolling out the machine on a large scale to packers. Especially in these times of labor shortages, fully automatic lines are becoming increasingly interesting,” concludes Molenaar.

For more information about the Sepia Casepacker, you can reach out to Jan Molenaar at Het Packhuys or Marvin van Nieuwkerk at VGK Cool Logistics.