Digital Workforce and Robocorp enhance partnership with 3-year automation deal

Digital Workforce Services Plc and Robocorp have announced the extension of their partnership with a new three-year agreement focused on advanced automation solutions. The key areas of collaboration will be automation and data migration projects in the US healthcare sector and merger and acquisition (M&A) projects.

  • The partnership aims to redefine digital transformation strategies to meet the rapidly evolving needs of clients within healthcare, and other industries facing significant digitalization and process automation challenges in 2024 and beyond.
  • With its successful track record in the Nordic health and social care sector, the partnership’s cutting-edge automation solution is set for large-scale project-based undertakings, including complex migrations and integrations resulting from mergers and acquisitions.
  • The partnership anticipates a resurgence in deal-making activities post-pandemic, particularly within the US healthcare industry, and aims to provide robust migration solutions for safe, compliant, and efficient data handling between diverse EMR systems and other critical IT systems.

Digital Workforce Services Plc, a leading business process automation services and technology solution provider, and Robocorp, a provider of advanced AI-native Python automation technology, first formed their strategic partnership against a backdrop of increased economic uncertainty and the critical need for cost efficiency in automation technology investments. The continuation of this partnership underscores their commitment to foster innovation, provide maximum value from automation investments, and support the strategic objectives of clients around the globe.

Antti Karjalainen, CEO of Robocorp, expressed excitement about the extension of the partnership and expressed commitment to bringing innovative technology solutions to meet today’s business challenges. Jussi Vasama, CEO of Digital Workforce, believes the partnership’s robust automation technology will provide a competitive edge in their business process automation offering.

About Robocorp: With a commitment to transforming the landscape of business automation and data migration, Robocorp stands at the forefront of AI-native Python automation technology. Known for its flexible solutions, the company is backed by notable investors including Benchmark, Canvas Ventures, Slow Ventures, SineWave Ventures, and Harpoon Ventures and operates primarily online from its headquarters in San Francisco.

About Digital Workforce Services Plc: A leading global business process automation services and technology solution provider, Digital Workforce Services Plc leverages its Outsmart services and technology solutions suites to aid organizations in accelerating digitalization, improving customer experience, and gaining a competitive advantage. Founded in 2015, Digital Workforce currently employs over 200 business automation specialists across the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.