Delta’s Cutting-Edge Automation for Plastic Industry – Plastivision 2023 Introductions

Delta, a global power and thermal management solutions company, showcased its range of intelligent automation solutions for the plastic industry at the Plastivision 2023 event in Mumbai. The company introduced several innovative products and solutions, including a dedicated controller for plastic molding machines, hybrid energy storage packages, high torque direct drive motors, AC variable frequency drive solutions, and a range of programmable logic controllers, motion controllers, human-machine interfaces, power supplies, temperature controllers, and pick and place robots. Delta’s offerings aim to enhance energy efficiency and productivity in the plastic industry. The company also unveiled new products such as area sensors, laser displacement sensors, GIGE cameras, and linear motors. Delta’s compact multi-drive AC drive designed for controlling motors in different sectors was also introduced at the event. The company received a positive response from visitors at the Plastivision event, reaffirming its position as a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for the plastic industry. Delta is committed to innovation and developing technologies that address the evolving needs of its customers.