Cramer: Market prefers AI tech for ads, not health-care solutions.



  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer believes Wall Street is more interested in using AI technology for advertising than for healthcare solutions.
  • Despite the potential uses of AI in healthcare, investors are currently focused on using the technology to analyze data for targeted ads.

Jim Cramer of CNBC has observed the numerous applications of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare but concludes that the market is more concerned with using the technology for advertising. Cramer questions whether targeting the right consumer could be more important than saving lives, acknowledging that investing is primarily about making money. While data analysis for targeted ads is currently prioritized over using data to improve healthcare outcomes, Cramer believes it is possible to find a productive intersection of technology and healthcare. For example, Nvidia’s work in “computer-aided drug discovery” reportedly places its health-care business value at over $1 billion. Cramer also highlights pharma companies such as Amgen, Roche, Cencora, and Medtronic that are successfully implementing generative AI to enhance drug discovery, improve drug development cycles, manage inventory, and assist doctors during colonoscopies. Ultimately, Cramer suggests that computer science is currently valued more than healthcare technology in the stock market.