Connectbase gears up for the automated revolution.

In a recent interview with Natalie Bannerman of Capacity Media, Jezzibell Gilmore, CCO of Connectbase, discussed the company’s role in the digitization and automation of networks. Connectbase, formerly known as Connected2Fiber, provides solutions and services for buying and selling network infrastructure. They recently expanded their platform, The Connected World, to include planning and prospecting capabilities for network operators in the UK and Ireland. Gilmore highlighted the importance of data-driven decision making in the telecommunications industry and the value of Connectbase’s platform in providing that data.

Gilmore also emphasized the relationship between wholesale and enterprise businesses, noting that wholesale feeds the capacity and capabilities to enterprise organizations. Connectbase aims to optimize the interactions between wholesale telecoms industry organizations through digital means, streamlining processes and facilitating collaboration. The company’s platform acts as a translation layer, allowing different service providers to connect and share data in a standardized manner.

Gilmore discussed the role of automation in the industry and its importance in supporting digital transformation. She stressed the need for a secure and scalable foundation in order to build upon it and enable digital innovation. Connectbase is focused on making this foundation secure and easy to use, providing a platform that enables digital organizations to connect, collaborate, and automate processes.

While Gilmore acknowledged that the pace of digitization in the industry is not fast enough, she also emphasized the importance of striking a balance between automation and human talent. She believes that automation should free up human talent to focus on more complex tasks, such as building relationships and solving challenges. Connectbase recently acquired LastMileXchange (LMX) to expand their capabilities globally, and they plan to integrate and enhance their platform in the coming months based on customer feedback and needs.