Cisco unveils ‘Identity Intelligence’ for enhanced cloud security with AI.

This article discusses Cisco’s new solution called “Identity Intelligence” that aims to enhance cloud security with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and networking. Cisco claims that this solution is the industry’s first attempt to combine identity, networking, and security to better protect organizations against identity-based attacks. The problem according to Cisco is that users are often mapped to multiple digital identities and accounts, creating more entry points for attackers. Cisco Identity Intelligence runs on top of existing identity stores and provides unified visibility and AI-driven analytics. It allows organizations to discover their entire identity population, eliminate vulnerabilities and unused privileges, detect behavior anomalies, and block high-risk access attempts without the need to replace existing solutions. The solution is built on an identity graph that pulls data from third-party sources managing identity and access. Cisco also announced advancements in AI capabilities in Cisco AI Assistant for Cloud, which offers enhanced cybersecurity measures. Additionally, Cisco is integrating its networking capabilities with Cisco Secure Access to improve productivity for hybrid workers.