Chinese AI logistics firm chooses Hong Kong for global headquarters.


Key Points:

  • Chinese AI logistics firm Westwell launches international headquarters in Hong Kong for global expansion.
  • Westwell plans to collaborate with Hong Kong universities to accelerate development of AI and autonomous driving technology.

The Chinese AI-based logistics company, Westwell, has chosen Hong Kong as the location for its international headquarters and research center. This decision was based on Hong Kong’s strategic location, well-established infrastructure, and status as an international finance center. The company designs and develops AI chips and autopilot control systems for AI-powered autonomous vehicles, with their flagship product being the Q-Truck, an autonomous, battery-powered commercial vehicle for logistics.

Westwell has made significant progress in the overseas market, collaborating with Hutchison Ports in Thailand and the UK. They have also attracted investments from prominent companies, valuing Westwell at 7 billion yuan. The company plans to expand into “semi-closed loop” environments, such as autonomous transport between airports and logistics parks, by leveraging Hong Kong’s support for research and development.

By establishing connections with Hong Kong universities and research institutes, Westwell aims to accelerate the research and application of AI and autonomous driving technology. Discussions have already begun with institutions like the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to further this collaboration.

In conclusion, Westwell’s decision to set up its international headquarters and research center in Hong Kong demonstrates the city’s appeal as a hub for innovation and technology development, with the potential to create significant business opportunities in the future.