Boosting IT Performance: WiFi Automation and Network Optimization for Success

Article Summary

Key Points:

  • AI-powered network automation and WiFi automation solutions can help improve IT performance.
  • These solutions offer 24/7 real-time analytics, automatic problem identification, proactive testing, and remote troubleshooting.

Working smarter, not harder, is the goal of every organizational team. In the case of IT professionals, this goal can be best achieved through the use of AI-powered network automation and WiFi automation solutions. Wired and WiFi network ecosystems are complex and require constant attention to ensure reliability and optimization. Organizations across industries are looking for resources that can provide uninterrupted visibility into network performance and user experience. Automation solutions can offer real-time analytics, automatic problem identification, suggested resolutions, proactive testing, and remote troubleshooting, allowing IT professionals to have complete visibility into network operations.

Two Common Problems Organizations Face with WiFi Networks:

1. Video Collaboration:

Video collaboration applications require reliable real-time data and have little tolerance for issues such as interference or dropped data packets. Without network or WiFi automation, IT teams rely on users to report issues, resulting in a reactive process. With automation, potential issues can be automatically identified and resolved before users even notice a problem.

2. Explosion of IoT Devices:

New IoT devices entering the market require compatibility with evolving WiFi standards. It can be challenging for IT professionals to manually track the compatibility requirements and software updates for hundreds or thousands of IoT devices on the network. An automated solution can provide all the necessary information to make decisions about upgrading devices and ensure a smooth implementation transition.

IT Tasks Suitable for Automation:

Some of the tasks that can be easily transitioned to an AI-powered network or WiFi automation solution include:

1. Network Testing:

Automation allows network tests to be run at any time from any location, providing proactive insights and allowing problems to be resolved before they become larger issues.

2. Intermittent Problem Identification and Solution:

Network and WiFi automation solutions analyze the network environment 24/7, automatically detecting performance problems and alerting IT professionals as soon as any abnormal behavior occurs.

Network Optimization Made Easy:

Automation solutions can optimize networks, freeing up IT professionals to focus on critical tasks. Companies can expect a significant reduction in the meantime to resolution of network issues, resulting in improved IT performance levels.

Overall, WiFi automation and network automation technologies offer valuable benefits for IT teams, including improved visibility, proactive issue resolution, and optimized network performance. By leveraging these technologies, organizations can ensure their IT systems remain reliable and efficient.