Bolstering sales with squirrel-busting, AI-enabled bird feeders.

Key Points:

  • Sales of squirrel-proof and AI-enabled bird feeders have risen as customers enjoy watching wildlife in their gardens.
  • Artificial intelligence is being used to track bird species in bird feeders.
  • Stores are selling squirrel-proof models which prevent squirrels from depleting the feed, due to the rise of squirrel populations in urban areas.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in bird feeders has boosted sales, as individuals increasingly enjoy watching wildlife in their backyards. AI technology is being used to monitor and track bird species, thus attracting a lively variety of birds to gardens, and retaining customer interest.

Utilising AI in bird feeders allows for the automatic recording of the species of birds that visit the feeder. This feature provides bird watchers with a convenient and comprehensive record of the different types of birds they have been able to attract. The feeders are also marketed as an educational tool for school and family use, further boosting their popularity.

With the rise of squirrel populations in urban areas, retailers are selling squirrel-proof models that prevent squirrels from emptying the bird feed. Squirrels are notorious for depleting resources meant for birds and the specially designed feeders have mechanisms in place to halt their access.

These squirrel-proof bird feeders, often with weight-activated features, have also seen a surge in sales. The mechanisms in these feeders are triggered by the weight of a squirrel, shutting off access to the feed, thus preserving it for the birds. The use of such feeders allows for the conservation of bird feed, in addition to deterring squirrels from frequenting backyards and potentially causing damage.

The demand for these specialized feeders is driven by customers’ enjoyment of bird-watching, along with an interest in preserving the local bird population. As such, the use of AI and innovative mechanisms in bird feeders has significantly boosted sales in the sector.