Big Tech’s AI Race: Fast Fashion vs. Amazon’s Challenges

Summary of Article

  • Three main themes in ad tech industry coverage in 2023: consolidation, transparency, and measurement
  • Generative AI-powered search posing challenges for publishers
  • Privacy is fragmented in the ad tech industry
  • MikMak and Circana partner to connect in-store data to digital CPG marketing
  • Yahoo’s new DSP feature uses a mix of AI and first-party data
  • ANA releases second transparency report
  • Client-side vs. server-side header bidding explained
  • Choosing between advertising and lowering prices for reaching new customers

The Top 10 AdExchanger Stories Of 2023

This article highlights the top ten stories that dominated AdExchanger’s coverage in 2023. The first notable theme is consolidation, as the ad tech industry experienced numerous mergers and acquisitions. Transparency is another important theme, with industry players calling for more openness and clarity in digital advertising practices. Finally, measurement has been a key focus, as companies seek to accurately track and assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.