Biden’s team slows Ukraine win, politicians lost in AI abyss.

Team Biden is hindering Ukraine’s victory against Russia by refusing to supply Ukraine with the weapons needed to hit Russian targets in Crimea, according to Phillips P. O’Brien in The Wall Street Journal. The Biden administration instead wants a “sordid deal” in which Ukraine cedes territory to Russia. However, cutting off movement across the Kerch Bridge, which Russia relies on to maintain control of Crimea, could potentially end the war and save lives.

In other news, former Attorney General Bill Barr criticizes efforts to prevent Trump from running for office and argues that they are legally insupportable and destructive to the political order. Additionally, politicians and regulators are clueless when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), and there is concern over who is in charge of regulating AI advancements. The power elite in Washington and state capitals may not have the necessary expertise to make informed decisions regarding AI.

President Joe Biden’s job approval ratings have been consistently below 50% for 2.5 years and show no signs of improving. The Washington Examiner suggests that an energetic recovery is necessary for Biden to regain public support, but his age may be a limiting factor. The article also highlights an incident where junior staffers in the Biden administration held a protest against the administration’s approach to the Gaza war. The authors argue that while expressing policy differences is acceptable, actively seeking to subvert government policies is insubordination and should have consequences.