Biden’s AI executive order: White House thriving in tech advances.


  • The White House held a meeting to discuss progress on President Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The executive order aims to regulate the risks associated with AI.
  • Officials are focused on building guidelines and regulations for AI technologies.
  • The government is partnering with industry experts to ensure responsible AI development.
  • The White House is prioritizing workforce development and education in AI fields.

The White House recently convened a council on artificial intelligence (AI) to discuss the progress made on President Biden’s executive order aimed at addressing the risks associated with AI. The meeting, which took place three months after the executive order was signed, featured top officials who provided updates on the government’s efforts to regulate and oversee AI technologies.

Ashley Gold, a tech and policy reporter at Axios, explained during an interview with CBS News that the government is actively working to develop guidelines and regulations for AI. The goal is to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used responsibly, without significant negative consequences.

One key focus of the government’s efforts is to collaborate with industry experts to establish best practices and standards for AI development. By partnering with leading tech companies and researchers, the government can tap into existing expertise and work towards a consensus on ethical and responsible AI practices.

Furthermore, the White House is placing a strong emphasis on workforce development and education in AI fields. The executive order recognizes the need for a skilled workforce to properly navigate the evolving landscape of AI. To address this, the government plans to invest in educational programs and initiatives that promote AI literacy and skill development.

This meeting highlights the importance of government involvement in the development and regulation of AI. As AI technologies continue to advance and become more prevalent in various industries, it is crucial to have guidelines and oversight to prevent potential risks and misuse.

Overall, the White House’s focus on regulating AI and promoting responsible development demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that AI is used ethically and for the benefit of society. Through partnerships with industry experts and investments in workforce development, the government is working towards building a framework that balances innovation and regulation in the AI sector.

It is clear that AI will continue to be a significant area of focus for the Biden administration, and this recent meeting is just one step in the ongoing efforts to shape the future of AI policy in the United States.