Beware the hidden risk: outsourcing decisions to AI can backfire.


  • Outsourcing decisions to AI poses risks to people’s privacy, dignity, and biases.
  • AI can make people less disciplined and skilled in making thoughtful decisions.

The article discusses the hidden psychological risk of outsourcing decisions to AI. While concerns about AI going rogue and privacy risks are present, the author, a psychologist, emphasizes the threat of AI making people less disciplined in decision-making. Making thoughtful decisions involves understanding the problem, considering multiple options, and delaying closure. AI, by presenting instant answers, robs individuals of the opportunity to practice decision-making and critical reasoning. The author argues that AI’s bias and lack of context lead to a dangerous feedback loop where people accept bad decisions made by AI without critical thinking. While AI may offer benefits in complex analyses, the author warns against allowing AI to make everyday decisions. The article calls for individuals to resist relying on AI and regain the responsibility of thinking and choosing for themselves for better well-being. Overall, the article highlights the importance of practicing thoughtful decision-making in the age of AI.