Beware! State and local meddling endangers the AI revolution.


• State and local leaders are proposing AI policies that could hinder the development of AI technologies and undermine America’s global competitiveness.
• Many states are introducing bills to regulate AI, including measures that impose new regulations, mandates, and taxes on AI technologies and companies.

State and local leaders in the US are increasingly becoming involved in formulating policy for artificial intelligence (AI) as Congress struggles to keep up. However, these state-level initiatives may have negative implications for the AI revolution and America’s global competitiveness. Many state and local leaders are proposing bills that range from studying AI issues to imposing sweeping regulations on AI technologies and companies. While some states are proposing lavish spending on AI projects, others are considering restrictive legislation such as a “robot tax act” that would penalize employers for using algorithms that displace jobs. Additionally, regulations are being considered to ensure algorithmic fairness and to dictate AI policy. The author argues that this patchwork of regulations may hinder innovation and investment in AI and limit America’s global leadership in the technology. While Congress should establish guidelines for national AI policy, state lawmakers should adopt better policies that encourage innovation and investment in AI.