Apple introduces Apple Intelligence AI features for iOS, iPadOS, macOS


– Apple unveiled “Apple Intelligence,” a new suite of AI-powered features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS

– The features include creating email summaries, generating images and emoji, and allowing Siri to take actions on the user’s behalf

In a livestream WWDC keynote, Apple introduced “Apple Intelligence,” a new suite of AI-powered features for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. These features include email summaries, image generation, and Siri performing tasks on the user’s behalf. The focus is on a combination of on-device and cloud processing, prioritizing privacy.

Tim Cook emphasized the need for personalization and privacy in Apple’s approach to AI. The term “AI” was sparingly used in the keynote, with Apple coining “Apple Intelligence” as a catchall branding term for their AI technologies. The features under the Apple Intelligence umbrella require specific Apple devices and settings to function properly.

Privacy is a key priority in the implementation of Apple Intelligence, with on-device processing and Private Cloud Compute for complex tasks. Siri receives upgrades in iOS 18, with a new logo and on-screen design, improved understanding of nuanced requests, and the ability to execute a wide range of actions across various apps.

Overall, Apple is aiming to integrate AI technologies into its products in a way that enhances user experience while maintaining a strong focus on privacy and data security.