Apple assures: Data stays private, not accessed or stored.


  • Apple introduces “Private Cloud Compute” to protect data processed on its servers.
  • Data is minimized, not stored, and not accessible to Apple.

Apple announced at WWDC 2024 the integration of the “Apple Intelligence” system into its products, emphasizing the use of “Private Cloud Compute” to protect user data processed on its servers. Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi highlighted the importance of on-device processing and the use of specially created servers with Apple silicon to minimize data sent to the cloud. The system ensures that only relevant data is sent for a request and promises that data is not stored or accessible to Apple. Additionally, the server code used by Private Cloud Compute will be publicly accessible for verification by independent experts.

While details were scarce during the keynote, Apple’s focus on privacy and security in its AI system signals a commitment to protecting user data. The approach taken by Apple in ensuring data protection and transparency in data processing sets a new standard for privacy in the AI industry. As the server code becomes publicly available, security experts will have the opportunity to scrutinize and assess the privacy measures implemented by Apple.